HYPEBEAST : EXCLUSIVE: North Face Korea Director Introduces Eco-Conscious, Modular Clothing System

With over 16 years at The North Face Korea as Executive Director and CMO, Jean Sung has dabbled in everything from global strategizing to partnering with the 2018 winter Olympics. As of February 2020, however, Sung is wearing yet another hat, having founded her own genderless apparel line, EDIT+. “In putting together our new fall collection, I was driven by the need to fill the industry void of stylish yet functional clothing that everyone can afford,” Sung said in a statement. “EDIT+ was created to be your go-to, everyday wear that adapts to your needs and your day without forgoing style and fashion or comfortability. We know you can’t change the weather, but you can change your clothes!” Based in Seattle, Sung’s design ethos is...

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