The Lounge And Leisure Wear Edit For 2020

EDIT+ ignites creativity through sheer simplicity. Designs are meant for versatility and ever transforming. Seamlessly crafted coats, jackets and vests are intended to give wearers the freedom to translate their style sensibilities in their own unique ways. EDIT+’s Executive Director and creator of the modular clothing system, Jean Sung, explains: “The changes in our surrounding were the main inspiration that led to the need for more versatile clothing. It also caters to a daily busy lifestyle, along with fun and protection. Lastly, our passionate commitment to protecting people and the planet played big roles in the overall concept.” Ethically and sustainably made as garments that take you from day to night , EDIT+ cleverly uses details detachable hoods, coat extensions, adjustable sleeves to allow creation of endless fashion possibilities.

The Fall collection is mostly made up of modular outerwear. It includes a Sunday Hoodie, Yoga Coat, Fleece Coat and Winter Padding Coat. Jean says, “In putting together our new Fall Collection, I was driven by the need to fill the industry void of stylish yet functional clothing that everyone can afford.” As a response to the seasonality that anchors the fast pace in fashion, the company had the idea to create durable and distinctive pieces that can be altered or adjusted to suit various seasons in a year. “You can’t change the weather, but you can change your clothes,” says their team. “