DAY+ V2 Ruffle
DAY+ V2 Ruffle
DAY+ V2 Ruffle

DAY+ V2 Ruffle

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A customizable, waterproof coat designed with a detachable extender – to transform the coat from a longer length trench to a short cropped jacket.

This versatile coat also features removable decorative striping along the sleeves and an oversized hood hidden inside a zippered collar. The detachable bottom also transforms into a portable travel bag. The shell of this coat is made from 100% PET-recycled material and the lining is made from 100% recycled nylon. (Available in Khaki. Size: One Size Fits All. $499 USD)

The trench coat that does it all.

Our one size fits all coat, that’s as custom and unique as you. Designed to meet the planet’s and your ever changing circumstances, this luxurious coat allows for you to change and modify your look quickly and easily through our hidden, high quality zippers and attachments. Made from 100% recycled materials, with a hidden hood in the collar, this waterproof coat is perfect to throw on to instantly elevate your look in the midst of unpredictable weather. Transform this trench coat into a flattering cropped jacket, just above the waist, and turn the detachable bottom into a functional crossbody bag to match your look and take with you on the go. The sporty striping along the sleeves can be easily removed for a sleek minimalistic style.


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