Edit plus

Climate - Conscious Fashion
At Edit+, we believe you don’t have to sacrifice style to protect yourself against the harm of climate change. Designed with climate in mind, our collections are made from PET recycled fabrics and natural fibers. Reimagine your wardrobe with trendy, climate-conscious pieces that are multi-functional + completely customizable to your everyday lifestyle needs.

If You Can’t Change The Weather, Change Your Clothes.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, contributing to almost 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. To address our climate crisis, we understand the need to develop new, creative methods to produce + consume fashion. Welcome to Edit+!
Sourcing locally, but thinking globally, Edit+ is made for everyone’s protection during the era of climate emergency.
We design, produce, manufacture, and distribute all in-house – using a modular manufacturing process, our seamless smart factory system helps us to save energy + reduce carbon emissions.